29-Point General Inspection

Includes everything from checking tires, brakes, and alignment to the suspension.

Schedule an appointment for a  29-Point General Inspection today at our Authorized Goodyear Auto Service Center in Manhattan

What is the service?

  • Our complimentary 29 point inspection is performed by knowledgeable, experienced technicians.

Why is the service recommended?

  • Periodic vehicle check-ups will make you aware of any maintenance or repair needs which helps keep your car running.

How does our service help?

  • The 29 point inspection involves checking the tire’s tread depth, wear patterns, and tire pressure. The inspection also checks to ensure the vehicle systems have proper fluid levels and are not contaminated. The braking system, alignment, suspension, exhaust, battery, filters, headlights and bulbs, and belts are also inspected
  • Our associates will review the results of the inspection with you and answer any questions you have to ensure you understand the findings and recommendations, if applicable.

Key Tip

  • Have your vehicle checked at every oil change so you are alerted to any changes to your vehicle’s condition.

Estimated service time:  1 hour.